About Rue Patois: The Modern buyers Concierge


Hi!  My name is Susan; owner and 'head concierge' at Rue Patois.

I created Rue Patois because I wanted to provide an inspirational space filled with ideas, products, trends, sourcing, tools and most importantly, community for those of us in the gift industry. (Check out my Welcome! post here).

I've been working in the gift industry for 20 plus years in all sorts of roles.  I've merchandised Kitchen-Aid mixers for a housewares store, bought Barbies and toys for an online retailer, carried a four-poster bed up a snowy mountainside for a catalog photoshoot and became an expert in buying fine tableware and crystal - and this is just the first 10 years!  Since then I've proudly been in buying roles focused on gift, stationery, home, fashion and office supplies ... and it's here, in these categories, that my passion truly lies.

So what does Rue Patois mean?

Patois (Pa-twah) is the french term for 'dialect' - and in particular it refers to a new language created from multiple languages.  I consider this website exactly that: a patois of ideas, products, sources and inspiration.  And my hope is that this will become your road to creating that magic in your retail environment.

Be sure to check out the Services link here to see what Rue Patois can do for you and your business and find us everyday with something new on Instagram!